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Code Enforcement

If you have a complaint or would like to speak to someone in Code Enforcement, please contact Dolley Marshall Flood 706-422-3011.

Code Enforcement

The Laws We Enforce

Code Enforcement investigates complaints regarding violations of the City's Zoning, Property Maintenance Code, Building Codes, and the City's Code of Ordinance.

Property Maintenance Violations

Inspecting for Code Violations

The City of Chatsworth's Code Inspector will respond to complaints regarding potential code violations by inspecting the property.  Violations that constitute a significant safety hazard-such as an old refrigerator without the doors removed that is sitting out of doors- are followed by a directive to correct immediately.

A Violation Could Mean a Summons or a Ticket

Property maintenance violations could mean a summons to appear in the City's Municipal Court for each violation. Upon receiving a complaint, Code Enforcement will preform an inspection. If a violation is found the Code Enforcement Officer will send a letter to the property owner listing violations found with the City's code attached.  The owner has several days (generally 30)  to correct the violations. If the violation still exists when the property is again inspected, a summons or a ticket will be issued.

Most Common Violation in Residential Areas

Overgrown Grass & Weeds: Grass must be maintained at a height no more than 12 inches.

Structures in Disrepair: Doors, windows, roofing, as well as accessory structures such as sheds, out buildings, and fences, must be maintained in good repair.

Vehicles: Motor vehicles and trailers on your property must be operable and have up-to-date registration. Vehicles in repair shall be kept in an enclosed structure while being repaired. Recreational vehicles are prohibited from being parked in the front yards of R-1, R-1A, and R-2 zoning districts. Commercial vehicles licensed by the State shall not be allowed to park overnight in the street in a residential district.

Debris and Junk: The yard shall be kept free from debris, miscellaneous junk and trash, branches, etc. Appliances and bulk items such as stoves, refrigerators, furniture and tires, are considered debris and must not be left out on the property.

Trash: Trash and garbage awaiting pick up should be stored in containers with lids at all times. Trash containers need to be removed from the street edge once the trash truck has emptied the container.

Swimming Pools: Swimming pools shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair. All Pools must meet strict requirements including fencing, self-latching gate and, if applicable, electrical standards.

Encroachment on Sidewalk:  Bushes, hedges, fences, or tree limbs must not encroach on the sidewalk. No branch should be lower than 7 feet over the sidewalk. No debris shall be left on the sidewalk and shall be kept free for pedestrians.

Vacant Homes: Any home that is vacant must be maintained as if it were occupied. The grass and shrubs must be kept trimmed, the exterior in good repair and doors & windows secured.

For general information and complaints please contact Dolley Marshall Flood at 706-422-3011.
Fax 706-517-7376  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.